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There are a million and one jobs to do when setting up a new business and you may be wondering where to start. We'll guide you through everything including the property mapping, brand development and tenders.

We'll put a framework in place and make sure no important detail is forgotten. Our experience means we can solve issues before they turn into expensive problems. We'll also create detailed budgets and analse your P&L's, making recommendations so you know where you currently are, and where you will be in the next 5 years.






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Chances are, you have competitors selling the same products or serving similar food to you. How are you planning to stand out from the crowd? Our brand and concept designers will work with you to bring your business to life.

From the menus to the business fascias we will create a brand that speaks to customers and draws them into your place of business. We'll bring all your ideas together into one cohesive concept that is fresh and original.

If you would like our hospitality consultants in London to help you with brand and concept development, please contact us at Martyn Barrett Hospitality.




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Your business will fail if you don't have finely tuned operations to keep it running smoothly. Whether you are a new start-up or an established business experiencing problems, our team can implement the procedures that will transform your operations.

We can review your current operating model, create standard operating procedures that align with your brand and recruit and train the staff that will grow your business. You can rely on our commercial acumen to find efficiencies and optimise profits.


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We have a great track record supporting start up businesses and turnaround failing ones. We have a network of investors who can inject the funding that will enable you to grow. We can provide the assistance that will enable you to get this funding quickly.

We can also analyse your competition and manage everything effectively through a structured CPA. If you also need assistance identifying the right systems and tools to manage your transformation, we have an understanding of all the best products on the market.




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Your restaurant, bar or retail space has to look and feel amazing if you are to draw your customers in. Our concept designer will help you create a layout that will engage your customers, maximise efficiencies and drive revenue upwards.

We can complete all mobilisation before handing over to the operations team, ensuring they have all the information they need to hit the ground running. We'll leave no stone untouched and make sure your business has all the ingredients for a great start.

If you would like our hospitality consultants in London to help you with mobilisation, please contact us at Martyn Barrett Hospitality.


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The rapid pace of technology means there are an array of tools available that will enhance your business. Whether it's new accounting software or a POS stock management dashboard we can revamp your IT and finance functions.

We partner with SumUp who are a market leading specialist in payment, processing and stock management systems providing a seamless process through through easy-to-use software and hardware.

We are also super excited to be able to make life easier and cheaper for clients by working with Kendal AI. Through this collaboration, we utilise AI to enhance efforts in areas including design, revenue growth, sustainability, talent identification, customer satisfaction, and social media engagement.





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Creating the right menu is an art in itself. Each product that you sell will have varying costs and profit margins. Factoring all these elements together requires a fair bit of skill and experience, something that we possess.

We'll learn about your target customers and the environment you're located in. We'll implement all the strategies we know to create a menu that will excite your customers and boost your profit margins. We can also negotiate with supplies to consolidate costs and find efficiencies.








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Our team have worked in a number of food and beverage businesses in the travel sector. We have a proven track record delivering success and can work with you to pin point weaknesses in your operations and find solutions.

Some of the areas that we can assist with include recruitment, airside rules and health and safety. We can review your logistics, optimise execution and increase your profitability.




For further information about our hospitality consultants in London and the UK, contact us at Martyn Barrett Hospitality.