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Hospitality Consultant in London only foods and courses







Martyn worked closely with executive chef Robbie Lorraine in setting up Only Food & Courses. Martyn oversaw the branding of the restaurant, led funding efforts and managed the shop fit outs, along with PR and social media efforts which were integral to the success of the restaurant







Martyn was contacted by an investor who bought shares in Knoops, a hot chocolate store based in Rye. This investor wanted to expand the brand into more locations and asked Martyn to lead this expansion. Martyn oversaw property searches, business planning and store openings in key London locations. It was this foundation which allowed Knoops to thrive and grow.

 Hospitality Consultant in London Knoops

 Hospitality Consultant in London







Martyn was headhunted by the chief development officer of rhubarb to head up the travel division. Under Martyn, and over a 3 year period, turnover doubled to £11 million per year. This was achieved through increasing customer penetration, increasing average transactional value and optimising the efficiencies of staff and contractors.









Martyn has also worked in various roles for SSP Air, Union Market and Selfridges & Co.



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