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At Martyn Barrett Hospitality we work as restaurant consultants in London with small and local businesses helping them to develop and grow. This is a perfect link to our commitment to the community which we enthuse with our clients and naturally incorporate in our own start ups.



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We are always looking to create the experiential with nostalgia and a sense of being and a touch of humour. Our clients are from local communities and our own concept cafe Cliches will Pop Up in your local town in 2024.




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We are cashless and paper-free and we encourage our clients to do the same. As restaurant consultants in London, we don't use and single use plastics and in 2024 we will not accept these from our suppliers. Through meticulous planning our goal is to work with business to encourage a Zero waste philosophy.

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We are working on a number of our own projects which develop young culinary and music talent giving them exposure to a local audience.




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Working in tandem with London-based mental health charity Mind, we donate £100 from each of our projects and 5 pence from every transaction (Cafe Cliches). In 2024 we will hold one-off events supporting this cause.

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We are not a corporate machine. As restaurant consultants in London, we love the hospitality environment and the challenges, we are super commercial but at the end of the day we are normal people. As such we write short stories  about our experiences in environments, work spaces and in life.


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We are currently seeking local investors for our latest project Cafe Cliches. This is a low risk investment with potentially high returns! The nature of the early stage pop ups mean no long term leases or contracts allowing us to learn from each demographic ahead of acquiring permanent sites in year 2

Investment from £5k to £60k with pro-rata equity of 12.5%

Growth potential over 5 years with a return on investment between 10x and 14x