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Cafe Cliches: Elevating Culinary & Musical Fusion

We are embarking on an INVESTMENT OPPORTUNITY providing an exciting opportunity for this amazing low risk start up. Please view our website at cafecliches.co.uk or DM me directly for confidential access to the investor deck.

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We'll Make Your Business Successful

Here at Martyn Barrett Hospitality, we help restaurants, bars and retail shops grow. Perhaps you are a coffee company looking to open a new branch. Or maybe you are a restaurant owner struggling to turnaround your business. We'll provide the tools and knowledge that will enable your business to flourish.

We have a proven track record, delivering a number of highly successful hospitality businesses. We can manage every stage of the business lifecycle from conception through to delivery. 

Opening a new shop, restaurant or bar is always risky. We'll implement the right processes and prepare your business the best way, so you have the greatest chance of success.



Contact us at Martyn Barrett Hospitality, and find out what our hospitality consultants in London and the UK can do for your business.





From finding the right location to forming shareholder agreements and trademarking your brand, we can manage every aspect that goes into establishing your business. We'll also create P&L and budget documentation with recommendations, so you know where you currently are and what the future holds.







What makes your restaurant or shop different? Why should people buy from you? We'll work with you to a unique concept and combine this with a brand that really engages your customers. Your menus to your business fascias will look original, fresh and exciting.





It is essential that your operations run like clockwork. We have extensive experience in food and beverage operations and will pinpoint areas of weakness. We'll manage the recruitment and training of staff and create standard operating procedures that align with your brand.

 Hospitality Consultant in London operations




Investment may be required to keep your business running in those early months. We have a network of investors who we can call on to inject funding. We can also analyse your competitors, implement IT systems, and assist in managing your stock and payroll.





Does your layout turn-off your customers? We work with skilled concept designers who will identify inefficiencies in your business space. Our team will maximise customer flow and solve the problems that are holding your business back.

 Hospitality Consultant in London concept development





We can implement the IT and financial systems that will provide the perfect foundation for your business. POS stock management systems and state of the art accounting software will give your team the tools they need to succeed.
In addition speed and efficiencies can be improved significantly through our collaboration with Kendal AI.





Every item on your menu will have different costs and profitability. We will research your environment and customer base, analyse your sales mix and formulate a menu that will increase customer numbers and profits.



 hospitality consultants in London travel sector advice





Our team has vast experience managing food and beverage businesses at a number of airport and transport hubs. Whether you have issues getting staff airside or are struggling with the overall logistics, we can identify the problem and find the right solution.




Hospitality Consultant in London initial contact and brief


First, we look to get an insight into your business. It's also an opportunity for you to find out what we can do for you.

Hospitality Consultant in London analysis


We then delve into your company, and fully examine your competition, industry benchmarks and internal and external data.


Hospitality Consultant in London propsal


Our research enables us to form a proposed project plan (CPA) as well as financial benefits, with the goal of stakeholder approval.

Hospitality Consultant in London implementation


We then complete a timely and decisive implementation of the proposal, with interim meetings, updates and schedules agreed.

Hospitality Consultant in London review


We provide a full review of the project including financial & non financial impacts as well as recommendations for next steps.









Hospitality Consultant in London martyn barrettMartyn Barrett is the founder of Martyn Barrett Hospitality. Over the years he has managed a number of hospitality businesses and been instrumental in the success of these.

He works with a dedicated team of designers, IT specialists and property experts and will work in unison with them to push the growth of your business.




We have played a major role in the success of Only Food & Courses, a restaurant set-up in June 2020. We also oversaw the expansion of Knoops and Martyn personally delivered significant growth within his division at rhubarb. For further information about the work our hospitality consultants in London and the UK have done, visit Portfolio, or get in touch with us at Martyn Barrett Hospitality.


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For further information about our hospitality consultants in London and the UK, contact us at Martyn Barrett Hospitality.